Forced Induction (Turbo) + Suspension?

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Hey Everyone. I’m new to the site and new to the car scene so first off, I would just like to say hello. I’m a Noob (newbie), so bear with me. Before asking my question, I need to give some background info. I have been looking into boosting a Honda Del Sol. I know I should go with a hatch since they are lighter, but there aren’t many fast Del Sol where I live so I wanted to do something different. I have an initial setup of my motor below, but I have no idea what suspension to get for best results. I heard rumors a 300whp NA car will beat 300whp FI (turbo) car since NA are fine tuned with great suspensions/tires. FI cars have a lot of power, but lose power when transfer of energy goes to the tires.

Which suspension should I use then?? I heard to go with Apexi or Tien, that do you guys think?? Budget for suspension is $1000-2500. Thanks. :D

1993-1997 Honda Del Sol (2295 - 2414 lbs, not gutted)
GSR block
Type-R Head
Skunk-2, stage 2 cams *
Ported and Polish
Forged Internals
550cc fuel injectors
Chromed Pro ECU
Thanks to some info and help, Turbo will be the “B Series TwinScroll T4 Turbo Kit / GT40R”
* Reason for Stage 2 cams is because of link below. Look at race #8, S2000 vs. Civic Hatch. BEAST OF A CAR!!!

YouTube - S2000 vs the WORLD Part 1


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Sorry, realized this is more of a suspension question. Please delete this thread since I am re-writing it in Suspension section. Sorry agian.