Forged H22 Pistons?

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Senior Member
I have seen that a lot of people say it is impossible to put forged pistons in an H22, what is the reasoning for that. Is it that the sleeves are just too thin because of the big bore. I know people like Importbuilder have done H22's without re-sleeving them however I also know they don't do H22's anymore becuase of that. Or do the H22's have some other strange situation that cuases this. Any othe honda engines have this problem. I am not doing anything with an H22 right now but am just curious for any future endevors. Thanks, Jason.


WRX Sellout
I've been told it's because of a teflon (or similar) coating that comes on the stock H22 sleeves. I don't know if this goes for all H22's, or just the closed-deck design. I brought this up with a reputable local performance shop, and they had never heard of the problem. I really don't know what to believe.