Frankenstien B18 w/B20 Block


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Got a really big problem. As it is now I have a 94 GSR that I have been building for the past 8 months. So far I am running 12.4sec on the quarter mile with street tires and a full interior. My set up is as follows.
Dart B18 block w/stock bore
Crower crank, JE low comp pistons 9.1:1, Eagle connecting rods
B18 type R head w/ skunk 2 state 2 cam shafts
Apexi' N1 exhaust system w/Apexi GT spec headers
Skunk 2 Intake Manifold
ACT clutch system
AEM V2 Air Intake
Now here is where the beauty is:
NOS direct port fogger system, each fogger runnign a 75hp shot
But here is my problem, I need more displacement so I can start running in the pro class. I have been toying with using my current set up on a B20 block w/ a stroker kit. Has anybody ever done that Frankenstien engine set up? Is the new block really worth it? A few Cive's told me that the B20 block w/ a B18 head is no problem, but I don't really take what they say too seriously. Any input would be great. Thanks :worthy:


you already have a drat block. why put money on the 2.0 block. It all realty its a stocked 1.8. If ya wanna go faster take out all the interior and run slicks. See what this gets ya. then worry about spending money


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Originally posted by foolish@Mar 22 2004, 05:38 PM
why put money on the 2.0 block. It all realty its a stocked 1.8.

actually its the bore that gives it the 2.0L and using the LS stroke length crank. (i'm assuming you meant "stroked")

you should bore out that dart block to get more displacement.


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Sorry if I missed it, but I don't see any forced induction there so why the low compression? I bet you could find some serious power there.


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yeah right, those skunk2's must eat ass at such a low compression. And with a dart block you bore it out to get more displacement, no need for another block.


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Had to put low comp. pistons for the nitro. pendejo. Try running Four 75hp shots on '94GSR pistons (which are high to begin with) :asshat: :fuckyou2:


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Chill out. No need to flip. You could have easily run higher compression than 9:1 with forged pistons if all you are running is Nitrous.

And GSR pistons aren't high compression, just cast instead of forged.