Free: 89 Honda Accord LXI

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I have a 1989 Honda Accord LX-I for parts or run. Does not roll without the clutch pushed in. The clutch, half-shafts, and possiblbly the altenator need replacing to run. Other wise it ran mint before. Started up today (5/28).

It is gutted to autocross. Before it was gutted I used it as a Winter beater. front seats, dash, radio, speakers, carpet intact. A/C and condensor gutted.

**FREE** It must go. Need the garage room ASAP!!!

Location: Rochester, NY (westside)

Some Pics:
Can email more.

Denso Wires
Denso Cap
Denso Rotor
Vic 180 Thermostat
Bosche spark plugs
LT lower ball joint
Purolator PCV
Purolator Air filter