Free pool???Hrmmm...should I???

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hope you know someone who does pools professionally
this sounds like more of a pain in the ass than its worth
Yea you may have some problems getting it out and moving it.

As long as he has the area levelled where it's going to be he should be fine, as long as it doesnt have any leaks.

Nah, forget it. Get a hot tub, it's not worth the hassle for the pool and they're a bitch to maintain.

[daydreaming flashback]ahhh....the hot tub days[/flashback]
buying ╘ free

werd... hot tubs are the shit...
check local adverts, people sell them for under 500 all the time..
Originally posted by formby@Jul 27 2005, 11:04 AM
why not buy an inground pool...(price?) will last 100x longer
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In the NorthEast, in ground pools are ALOT more expensive to install, maintain, and just have... Not to mention it can actually DECREASE property values due to ground freezings, INCREASE home owners insurance because the pool can crack in winter.
hot tubs will kill you when you get the electric bill. If you keep it on like recommended, it wil lraise your bill at least 150-200 a month. Mine was an older model, they have the new energy saver shit now.

My friend bought one for 50 bucks, hes just to lazy to install it and/or pay the extra for it.
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jul 27 2005, 12:43 PM
hot tub >>>>>>>>> swimming pool
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i have both, and they both have good points. you cant swim laps in a hot tub or relieve sore muscles in a pool.

my family and i put up an above ground just like that in a good part of a day. and that included digging one foot into the ground over the length of the pool to make it level. go for it, its free.
inground can increase insurance due to drowning liabilities...

always keep pools fenced and gated to prevent neighborhood children from ending up floating in your back yard...

they say that a hot tub is not too expensive to heat if you keep it covered with a good insulated cover...


for $5k you could have a pool installed, not only do you need to remove all the pool water , disassemble the pool and deck, and transport it. You're going to have to level and compact the area for the pool, run electrical for the pool pump (which has to be burried to at least 18" depth by code) reassemble and hope you didn't fuck anything up. and re assemble the deck. you'll also need to apply for a building permit to install the pool, you might need a variance as well.

far too much time to be worth it.
Yeah, I would pass this up. Here are few observations:

An above ground pool has it's share of maintenance too. With your yeard, you'll need to hog it out, wire it up and install a heater. Any pool maintenance is just as expensive as owning a Race Car. With trailer.

An in-ground pool costs, currently (My friend got the quotes last week) $25-$60k to install. Don't even think of it.

A hot tub, however, is far superior. It has the same maintenance schedule, but since you aren't using chemicals by the gallon-full, your costs are down. With modern (Read: post 1994) tubs the covers and side insulation is so good that the heater won't come on at all. Also, your insurance goes through the roof with a pool, whereas it doesn't with a hot tub. You also don't need zoning and permits to install a hottub in your area - And if there is a roof over it (Like your lower porch in back) then you'll have an easier time insuring, maintaining and ultimately keeping it.

Hot tubs only get better in the winter. However, since K-Chan is really thin, she'll prolly want the water a lot cooler than you. So don't expect to occupy it at the same time. A guy your size might appreciate the full 108-106 degrees, but I can only stand 101 for about 25 minutes. She'll have a hard time with 100 degree water for more than 10 minutes. I imagine you'll both be 10 degrees apart, and to get a tub to those temperatures takes a day or more.

-> Steve

I suggest a small two person tub, new with warrantee and service for the back porch. The smaller it is, the easier to adjust it's settings and maintain it's chemical levels. At most it's going to run $5000 beginning to end. Used, a lot less. Plus, we can transport it in pieces if you find it used. The nice thing about a smaller one is that people are selling them to buy bigger ones, not selling because they aren't satisfied.
I just tried to translate your signature, what the hell?

We lady ちょ - the ーカワイイ わ it is and everyday would like to go to the drift it is and - the め っ ちゃ slow car it drives being, but - -


Originally posted by phyregod@Jul 27 2005, 01:31 PM
I just tried to translate your signature, what the hell?

We lady ちょ - the ーカワイイ わ it is and everyday would like to go to the drift it is and - the め っ ちゃ slow car it drives being, but - -
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