Friends Bikes Stolen/ Something Smells Fishy.

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So I walked home with a friend of mine with whom I was riding, until his ignition switch fried in his CRX. We were a few blocks from home, left the car, we'll be back tomorrow. Well we have garage bays behind a building that is in our 'complex' but neither of us live in. Its kind of tucked back and its for rooms that have been converted into office space. Its where I keep and work on my Lincoln, my Sportster, my Yamaha, and my 2 bicycles, along with my friend's go-kart, his Yamaha YZ125, his little DRZ 110, and his minibike. Well as we walked past, I noticed one of my bicycles was knocked over a bit, then that a tire was moved, then that the go-kart was gone, and that the dirt bikes were gone. Mini-bike is still there. Only his stuff got lifted. What the hell? So we called his dad, who is the maintenance man here, well he told us to call the owner. No dice. Never told us to file a report. Well we did. And there are 2 suspects we've been considering. Its a tough call between the two.

J. Mu11et: He's kind of a friend of Jonpaul (the kid who's shit got lifted). He's on leave from the Marines, and he leaves tomorrow. Jonpaul showed him his dirt bike when he came home, about a week ago. The kid is a fucking hilljack. He is a year or two younger than me, talks like a hick, acts like a hick. Seeing through him acting like that despite his location respective to the Mason-Dixson, I'm not sure I trust him, he doesn't seem to be a really shady person, I just don't have too great of an opinion of him. I'm tough to sway from a first impression. He saw the bikes a week ago and since then they disappeared. Jonpaul seems to think he probably didn't have anything to do with it. Though he keeps it as a possibility.

Second suspect, ironically is Jonpauls dad.

Don: He never told us to fill out a police report. He and the owner don't like the apartments being in the paper, mostly because this place is becoming a ghetto, like everywhere else. A 600/month ghetto. Just tonight police busted into Jonpaul's downstairs neighbors at gun point. Well Jonpaul is moving from Ohio back to Tennessee where he lived for most of his life, he came up to get to know his dad, he misses home, he's going back. Well his dad is pissed about it, and it seems to be in his behavior to do such things as this to 'prove a point'. Well Don told him on the phone, 'its got to be someone you know, they're mad about you moving back to Tennessee'. Which makes no sense, you don't steal shit from anger. Idk if he thinks it will keep him up here or what. Jonpaul and I cruised around to some shady areas to check for his bikes but to no avail. So his dad calls him, and tells him to come over, he wants to take Jonpaul for a ride. So I drop him off, and they drive to some dead end road Jonpaul doesn't know exists and says it might be down there. There are 'trails down there'. There really aren't. Then he went into something about how its the people you care the most about that did it. Now we went back and checked all through the area, flashlights, eyeing up garages from the street. Even asked someone if they had seen a dirt bike around. They said no. But his dad is acting very strangely about it, and I'm not sure what to do next.
Its clearly targeted toward him, and not me. People can make a lot more off my Sportster than off a dirt bike, though its tougher. But if they're stealing shit, why not take the other two motorcycles that are sitting there anyway? Well either they were targeting specifically dirt bikes, specifically Jonpaul, or they know not to fuck with me (Its common knowledge amongs scum in my town to not fuck with me because there are two very good fighters willing to knock your teeth down your throat or blow your leg off, depending on level of fucked with, as its happened before) so they definitely know his shit from my shit, and him from me, and where to find it.

There is a bank who's parking lot is directly across the street from the only enterance to the garage bays via car/truck/trailer. I believe they've got a security camera pointed directly at them and we're going to go Monday and check it out to see if anything they have tapes, and if so if they'll release them to the police.

This whole situation is strange.
Put some cameras up in there. You never know who might be poking their heads around. Fucked up situation.

You said its in the Ghetto, how do you know some tenant didn't see his stuff and steal it? Maybe the father pissed someone off and they took it for revenge?
Its not really ghetto. Its just getting a lot worse since we moved in. And its really not a common area to be in. There are maybe 20 garage bays and you'd have to know it was there to know it was there.
Its not really ghetto. Its just getting a lot worse since we moved in. And its really not a common area to be in. There are maybe 20 garage bays and you'd have to know it was there to know it was there.
coming from an ex do not have the right mentality at all...they took what was easiest to get on the first trip to the garage,that they found while "scouting" places to thief from.