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Okay so here it goes...

I just did the LSVTEC the other day (B16 HEAD Stock Internals) and now the car feels slower???

But keep in mind that my CEL is on (Code 21 - VTEC Solenoid) and I have no VTEC @ the moment. Is my car running in limp mode right now? Why does it feel slower or will it feel ALOT faster when I get vtec working tomorrow when my new chipped P72 comes in from TN.??

Also I dont know if my car is 100% on timing. The car runs with no bogs or spudders, just feels hesitant. Oh yeah, it also takes about a 1/8 second more to turn over and start, not much at all but noticeable. Why is that??

Thanks in Advance :) ...Mark


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It's probably in limp mode or you have something off in the ignition. Fix all your codes, get the proper fuel/timing maps in there, then try again.


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You know, I am so sick of "Dude, my motors not working right, I mean, I haven't hooked everything up that makes it run correctly, ain't running right".



I wanna be sedated
Sorry about the minirant, it's a pet peeve of mine when people don't finish something and then wonder why it isn't right.


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Originally posted by TurboMirage@May 27 2005, 02:50 PM
last i knew when you throw a cel vtec doesnt engage.
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Nope......I threw a CEL last month for a malfunctioning 02 censor and she hit vtec no problem. Was just slow as shit....yay for soft-cock mode.
I got my VTEC working today, the just tried out of curiosity to try and hook up the solenoid to a4 instead of the wire that told me to put it to(the one they run directly out of the ecu casing for a 1 wire vtec upgrade) and it worked, but I got cel 22 instead of 21 which i was getting before.

So I just hooked up the VTP sensor and all codes are gone and VTEC works fine!!

Very satisfied with the power its making, I think ill beat most built gsr's and si's

Dont use, he sucks and hes too expensive for all the problems that occuu with his "work at home" products he produces...

Thanks for all the help H-T.


Dont use, he sucks and hes too expensive for all the problems that occuu with his "work at home" products he produces...

Oh crap, thats where I got my ECU. Guess I better cross my fingers eh. :D
Yeah Lee sold me a so called Chipped P72 for LSVtec and i got it and it was supposed to have a 1 wire vtec upgrade, which is:

-VTP Disabled
-And a wire exiting the ECU casing which is to be wired to VTEC Solenoid to make ease of wiring.

He didn't do either and charged me for both. $220 for something I had a cel 21(vtec solenoid) and cel 22(vtp sensor)

So I had to figure it out myself to not wire to his wire coming out of the ecu casing and go directly to a4, and figure out that he prob never disabled vtp sensor either, once I did both of those...Vtec was in business!!