front end conversion - EF -to- EG

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I think i might have gone mad...

I was looking around today for a 88-91 civic with a 92-95 front end conversion and i didnt find any. so i was thinking maybe i would like to be the first.

here is some photoshop work i mushed together real quick for a general idea.

What do you guys think?



damn that looks like alot of work...
Neither am i really i thought it would look better. its nice but not that nice.

After i did the chop i was like.... mide as well buy a bubble lol

But it would be fun.
yeh i think the front end would be too slick for the back end if you did it... just wouldn't look 'right.' might change though if you photoshop the black trim off the side and 'paint' the door handle and back bumper red too...might smooth the car lines up a lil.

nice photochop indeed, but gahh that looks like a redheaded step child. the front is way to rounded for the hard lines of an ed/ef. if you want an eg front, just get the whole car lol.
I don't like it at all; body lines do not much up. I think someone stated this before; but the newer Hondas have more curves and generally smooth look vs. the boxy 88-91's and older.
it's been done before, so you wouldn't be the first... doesn't look all that bad, but I would stray away from it... leave it stock

96+ front's have been done too... and 94+ integras... the integras conversion looks the most retarded... of the three, the 92-95 looks best.
+8 on the nice photoshop work.

i wouldn't do it. just get an eg if you want the front. plus, if you think it LOOKS like too much work, then you are already set back.
it's not worth it unless you have
A) the EF with a wrecked front
B) the eg parts
C) another car to drive
D) all the time in the world to f with rebuilding it.