front end conversion to EF

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New Member
I have a 90 crx si with a jdm front end conversion and cant get the hood to fit corectly. the hood sticks out about a half inch over the head lights? any ideas
make sure its a jdm hood or it wont fit. make sure you have the jdm hood release too and last but not least you need the jdm lights if you want everything to be flush. hope that helps you.
sounds like a 4 door hood. those dont fit the hatch or crx
yep, i found that one out the hard way, good thing it was a usdm hood, I believe the sedan also came with 1 piece headlights. I don't believe the sedan came in an sir equivalent spec though.

the jdm sir spec headlights are also wider than usdm.
I am starting to think it is a sedan hood, I have the jdm bumper, fenders, headlights, and corner lights the core support is usdm and as far as I know the latch is usdm well is says made in Canada on it.