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It's time to sell my rsx and move on to a new project. I have only owned this car for 4 months now and I have loved every minute of it. This car has been modified to bring out the best that honda has to offer. All of the mods IMO have been nice upgrades that accent the already perfomance tuned type-s. I purchased this car off ebay so I understand the process of buying a car off the internet, so I am willing to be patient and as helpful as possiable so that this can be an enjoyable situation for me and the buyer. I have bought and sold things here on clubrsx and I have an ebay account with feedback so people can check my history.

I purchased this car on ebay from a mercedez dealership just outside of Chicago. The dealer at the dealership explained to me how an older man around 40 had come in with this car and traded it in for a new mercedez. Obviously the guy had some money! The car had been extremly well maintaned, there weren't any signs at all of misuse of the car. There wasn't even a scratch anywhere underneath the car. I know this because when it was delievered to me it was up on a semi and I was able to admire the beutiful underside of the car. Since I don't know the previous owner and will never know what he did with the car I am only giving you this info so you know how I felt when I recieved this car. From the looks of it the car was obviously babied. I have driven the car for 5000 miles now and only a couple of times in rain. To me this car is much to nice to be driven in bad weather. So that is the history to the best of my knowledge. The carfax report is clean no accidents, all the regular maitnences have been performed and there are no problems with anything that I can tell of.(This is in no way a warranty, I say this because the car drives and performs as I would expect it.)

Just to note, some of the mods were performed by the previous owner.
-Authentic Jdm black housing headlights. Not HID
-Full Type-r lip kit, I don't believe it is a stock kit but the the fitment is perfect, no gaps or uneven joints.
-Authentic Chargespeed front grille.
-Grillcraft lower grille
-Oem Fog lights, clear lenses
-Shaved emblems, only the acura a remains on the back.

Hondata Reflashed ecu with 8600rpm rev limit
Hondata intake manifold gasket(not installed)
DCsports Race header
AEM V2 Intake
Veilside SS catback exhaust
Revo Short Shifter
Mugen Radiator Cap

Mugen SS Coilovers
Wilwood Big Brake kit up front
Brembo Cross Drilled rotors in back
Wilwood competition brake pads
steel braided brake lines
Jdm Type-r rear sway bar
Freedom strut bar

Other stuff:
Infiniti bass link
Alpine components
Type r shift knob
roja tuner lug nuts
Injen chrome engine dress up

The wheels that are on the car right now are coming with me, so the car will have stock wheels on when sold. I currently don't own any stock wheels so I will be purchasing them soon.

Asking price: $17,500

I live in Billings Mt. area code 59105. I will help the buyer arrange shipping but it is up to the buyer to pay the full expense. I know a good car carrier company so it shouldn't be a problem. I will also pick people up at the airport in the car if they want to come see it and drive it home, I have no problem with that. The money will have to be paid through bank transfer or in person upon arrival. All checks must clear before the car will be released. My cell phone is 406-670-6118 if you have any questions. Also I can be emailed at teamsprock@hotmail.com or I can chat with you on instant messenger. My name is Jake and I will try and help with any questions I can.

To the best of my knowledge the car is in excellent condition with no major problems. The only blemish on the car at all is The hood has a paint chip in the front from a rock, and one fog light has a rock chip. I really think some one can take this car and either keep it the way it is or turn it into an awesome sports car with this as a platform the options are endless.Thanks for reading!

Pics of the car prior to me owning it can be found here! http://www.rsxmotorsports.com/larrychouinard.html

Some of the things have changed. I only have the things on the car that are mentioned above. As soon as my camera is up and running I will be more than happy to give as many pictures as possiable. I do have a couple pics of the car rightn now that I can email people if they want.