FS 1991 CRX Si b16 engine

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Go fast, Go Cheap
I'm selling my Civix CRX looking to get $1500 for it but that is negotiable.
full exhaust and intake, nice wheels and good tires.
it has a b16 engine with GSR cams.
the car does not run, when i put in the new cams i believe i messed up the timing
it also would need a new battery since it has been sitting for a while.

I am going to miss this car, i would've sold it sooner but i wanted to keep it because it is so great. it's come time to graduate college and i need to get a grown up car and can't keep this project around since i'll be moving to where i won't have a garage or workspace. . . :(

if you want a CRX this is the one you want.





money shot;)
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When the hell did you get a CRX? If it wasn't Christmas time I would be interested. I'm sure the car is in great shape. Good luck.
I would have already bought it, but family of 6 + Christmas=No extra cash.
if only i had the money :(. good luck with the sale though
no update, i should work on it myself rather than leaving it to some mechanic