FS: 2 10" Rockford Hx2's and 500.2 Amp

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Well, it is now pre-spring cleaning time and I need to get rid of these...
2 10" Rockford Fosgate Hx2's and a 500.2 Amp...

The Box they are in is custom fitted for a 2g CRX. Perfect Fit. This is a sealed box built to Rockford Specifications. I WILL sell the subs and amp separately from the box. Subs and amp have to stay together though. So basically, the box is free if you want to pay the extra shipping (Might Be a lot?).

Over $500 invested. Asking $225 plus shipping. I'm in Maryland. Local Pickup is available. Paypal is preferred. Money Orders and Cashier's checks work too. Reply with zip code. Email with zip code. Or AIM: AllMotorDXHatch zip code and I will get you a shipping quote.

Offering it here before they go on eBay... I have 100% positive feedback. Check it here.

500.2 Amp
--2 Channels
--RMS Power 4 Ohms: 125 x 2
--RMS Power 2 Ohms: 250 x 2
--RMS Power 4 Ohms Bridged: 500 x 1
--Stable Into (Stereo/Bridged): 2/4 Ohm
--RCA Inputs: 2
--Power/Speaker Terminals: 8 AWG
--Punch Bass @ 45Hz: 0 dB to +18 dB
--Crossover Frequency: 50Hz-210Hz HP/LP
--Crossover Filter: 12dB Butterworth

I am also including an amp install kit.
--8 guage power cord.
--RCA Cables
--Remote Wire
--High Pass Frequency Jack
--2 Different Battery Terminals
--2 Wire Ends
--3 Fuse holders w/ Fuses
--Speaker Wire
You will need an additional 2-4 Ft. of 8 guage wire for the ground. Or if you have some left over from the power wire you can use that.








I WILL sell the subs and amp separately. Subs and amp have to stay together though.



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man them is old, but they are good subs, bump for some pretty damn good subs, ill check around here, i used to be HUGE into car audio, my freind Charles has the second loudest vehicle in the world :)

D See 2

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they've been sitting in my room for a year collecting dust. plus they can handle WAY more power then i'm putting to them so they havn't been abused. mint condition.

D See 2

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isn't there anyone out there who wants a set of high quality subwoofers? they're 10's and sound great with low rap type bass and quick rock bass.

D See 2

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Will take $200 plus shipping. let me know guys/gals. very loud and VERY clear subs. the clarity is unbelieveable.


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email me Larryemason@aol.com so i dont forget about this, right now i am in the process of buying built b16 for my ef9, selling my eg6 and buying a ek hatch so im a little busy but i want these