CA FS: 90-01 Accord/90-01 Prelude ACT Flywheel, Clutchmasters Clutch Pspec Short Shifter

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This ACT Prolite Flywheel Part Number 600130 is BRAND NEW and fits the following two vehicles:
1990 - 2002 Honda Accord 4 cylinder
1992 - 2001 Honda Prelude

Retail Price is anywhere from $260 up to $305, so get this ACT Flywheel for cheaper from me. Asking $220 for ACT Flywheel. My location is Palmdale, CA 93551. Price includes shipping.

ACT flywheels are lighter, stronger and safer than stock heavy cast iron flywheel. Light weight flywheels provide significantly improved engine response and acceleration by reducing weight of the flywheel. ACT flywheels are designed for improving engine response, strengh and affordability. ACT flywheels come in two different design to meet the needs of both enthusiast and hard core racer. ACT Streetlite flywheel is lighter than stock flywheel and offers better driveability and durability. ACT Prolite flywheel is lighter than Streetlite flywheel and offers best throttle response and lowest inertia. Both flywheels are super rigid, precision made and dynamically balanced.

The key features of ACT flywheels:
Ultra heavy-duty and this Prolite Flywheel weighs only 8.9 lbs
Quicker acceleration and increased throttle response
Maximum ring gear life - ring gear will not wear out or fall off
Serviceable - can be resurfaced with no need to purchase additional parts
Chromoly forgings three times more rigid than aluminum
Trouble-free single piece design and longer lasting due to heat treated friction surfaces
SFI 1.1 certified and are legal for competition in all racing organizations

I was going to convert my 99 Accord Automatic into a 5 Speed so I have many parts for a 5 speed including Clutchmasters clutch, PSPEC Adjustable Short Shifter, 5 Speed Vtec ECU, Clutch Pedals, Carbon Fiber Shift Knob, 5 speed tranny, etc. If you have any questions or want more pics just email me, thanks. My email is

This is a Brand New Pspec True Adjustable Short Shifter fits a 98-01 Accord and 97-01 Prelude. Not too many of these shifters are made this is a real short shifter not one of those crappy shift adapter pieces that most everyone else sells. I am located in Palmdale, CA. Asking $180 for the Short Shifter and includes shipping.

The Kit comes with the following: Adjustable Shifter, Installation Clip, Four Frame Bushings, Shift-Boot Collar, Stickers, Grease, Loctite Blue, Precision Shoulder Screw, Allen Keys, O-Rings, and Hardware.

The PSPEC shifter kit is now height and throw adjustable. Its made from CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum (aircraft grade) and precision ground 303 stainless steel. The kit comes with solid aluminum shifter frame bushings and a solid aluminum shifter retaining clip. All the hardware is stainless steel and the kit comes with supplied allen keys, grease, stickers, and loctite. An optional shift boot collar is supplied that can be used on your new PSPEC shifter and factory shift boot when upgrading your shift knob. The PSPEC shifter has the factory M10X1.5mm thread so any knob made for Honda will fit.

Email me for questions, thanks. My email is

This is a Brand New ClutchMasters FX100 Steel-back Organic Clutch (Stage 1 Clutch) fits 1990-2001 Accord 4 Cylinder. Clutch part number is 08-014-HD00 and retails for $385. Location is in Palmdale, CA. Price includes shipping. My Email is

FX100 (Stage I)
· High performance street system
· Holding capacity 70% over stock
· Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate
· Hi-Leverage™ pressure ring design
· Sprung hub/cushioned disc
· Steel backed organic friction material

All Clutch Masters systems come complete with:

* Pressure Plate
* Clutch Disc
* Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)
* Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable)
* Alignment Tool

This ECU came from a 99 Accord Vtec 5 Speed. It was pulled out of the vehicle around 40,000 miles.
Will only work on a 98-2001 Accord Vtec 5 Speed with F23 motor which is the 4 cylinder motor. Not sure if this ECU will work on an Accord with Automatic transmission, thats something you would have to ask a Honda Dealership. Ask $150 for the ecu. My location is Palmdale, CA.

ECU retails for $699 brand new.
ECU is in good working condition. If you have any questions please email me. My email is

All prices include shipping. If you pick up any of the items I will lower the price a little bit since I dont have to ship them out. Also if you buy the Clutch and ACT Flywheel together I will give you a discount.
since i cant edit my first post the PSPEC Short Shifter has been sold to a member on the honda accord forum. I also have a 5 Speed Tranny with 54k miles on it, Blue Momo Shift Boot, Real Carbon Fiber Pedals and Shift Knob, Needleglow kit turns your needles on your gauges nice color red. If anyone is interested I can take pics of them my email is
New prices. Act Flywheel is $215 with shipping or $205 if picked up in person, cash only for pickups. The ClutchMasters Stage1 Clutch is now $321 with shipping or $305 for pickup, cash only for pickup.
This is a real carbon fiber dash kit which will fit a 98-02 Accord 4 Door. It wont matter if u have a v6 or 4 cylinder since the body style is the same for a 98-02 Accord 4 Door. Retails for $285. Item is brand new and this is a 15 piece set. Price is $156 including shipping to USA. If picked up then the price is $150 cash only for pickup. Location is in Palmdale, CA.