fs 90 crx si w/b16

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I am selling my crx cause I found a 2000 civic si w/ supercharger and need the money for the downpayment.
I have owned my crx since 2002. I bought it stock, the car has 225,000 miles and the motor has around 30,000 miles.
heres a list of things that I have done to the car

b16a3 w/ ys1 cable tranny, exedy stage 1 clutch kit, aem fuel rail and aem fuel pressure regulator, aem cam gears, walbro 255 fuel pump, venom fuel injectors, p30 ecu, locash obd0 - obd1 wiring kit, apexi safc2, place racing motor mounts, hasport shift linkage, 92- 95 civic radiator, ground control coilovers, short shifter w/ gsr shift knob, 2 1/2 catback exhast, hi-flow cat, projector headlights, clear crx taillights (stock ones were broken and found my clears for $10 on ebay), strut bar, intake with reactive filter, wing west mugen body kit (urethane), eclipse dvd player, pilot steering wheel, 89 crx seat covers on my 90 crx seats, autometer 3 gauge piller pod, autometer phantom gauges(a/f ratio, oil presure, volt meter), white face gauges with kogition design glow needles.







for $4500 obo I'll sell you the car with everything listed above.
hit me up with offers
the car now has fat five rims pictures further down



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after reading a post in one of the crx forums that I go to. I have deceided not to sell my car.
my crx is no longer for sale.
mods can you please lock this thread


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thanks B

if I can get financed on t-bones civic then my crx will be up for sale again

heres a couple of pictures with my crx now with fat five rims



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Originally posted by VTECPOWER@Jul 11 2005, 08:16 PM
Damn, don't seel the rex! Well, sell it for that sick turbo'd civic, lol, do you have any turbo parts for the crx?
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:lol: of course i have turbo parts for my crx. only thing i am missing is the manifold and some type of fuel tunning(hondata or ?, still looking into that)

if i sell the rex, i'll be selling some turbo stuff
Since your selling it, what are you going to buy?
And let me know about the turbo stuff, i might change my mind AGAIN and might want to turbo it, but the thing is, my crx is a daily drive (once tranny casing is fixed) and idk about daily driver honda w/ turbo.


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i sure what i want
been thinking of 91 & up mr2
or 93 & up prelude vtec coupe

but have been thinking about not selling it and finishing my project


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Originally posted by markie@Aug 26 2005, 02:04 PM
im interested im in texas give me a call 2142126772 mark
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serious?, I call you this weekend