FS: 93 coupe, clean w/ skunk2 suspension etc..

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1. dont tell me you dont like the price, i dont care, dont post if you disagree
2. dont low ball me, its retarded and gets us nowhere
3. call me- 304-886-4628 Jeff
4. This isnt a race car...allthough it handles corners well and im not gonna tell you this car will do mid 14's, its slow and gets good gas mileage, exhaust doesnt sound like most of the shitty ricers
5. The price is solid to me because its not a haggard beat POS like most, i never beat on the car cause its pointless, buy a porsche is your looking for a race car this isnt one of them. The car was a virgin 3k ago.

-clean 93 coupe 158k 5 speed
-the motor is completely stock never moded w/ cold a/c and heat 38mpg
-has skunk2 full suspension and blox LCA's with 3k on them
-body is completely original and has very minimal rust, in better condition the most
-SRS angled catback with 3k on it also a high flow cat
-interior is clean and stock dark grey and black with cloth dc integra seat to match, only missing the headliner, rear speaker covers
-ex gauge cluster with tach
-was owned by an old man, i dont abuse the car its just for fuel eco, hence the completely stock motor
-recently tuned up 1500mi ago
*more pics upon request, only if you really interrested*











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couldnt find a manual at the time, i got tired of not having a tach.


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i got a 96 ek hatch with a stock single cam vtec out of a 2000 civic its got a header 2 1/2 inch exhaust needs a muffler though, its got kyb adjustable shocks with lowering springs rides nice, its got si seats out of a 1999 si that r pretty much mint with the rear gutted interested in a trade?


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i would be if i didnt need money, i have fines that need paid before i can get my license back, if u wanna drop cash on top i possibly could.