Fs: 94 Del Sol Si

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I've been trying to sell this locally for a while now, but nothing has come through. time to go to the boards.

94 si del sol captiva blue pearl
150-ish miles (i don't remeber off hand. I swapped to a VTEC del sol dash, which is NOT inlcuded in the sale of the car, but have documented both numbers when i did. you will get the stock del sol si dash with the car)
has S- model grey/blue seats
zigzag mats
will come with stock Si wheels as well as a set of 14" steelies if you want 'em
d16z6 could use a tune up... but it still runs fine. I'm going to replace the plugs and give it a fuel cleaner treatment.

mods include:
stillen 4-1 header
ractive intake
tenzo axle back DTM exahust
DC sports rear lower tie bar
ractive coilovers/Koni yellow suspension
B&M short shifter
NGK 9mm wires

i'll throw in my stereo as well.
Sony CDX 8050 ( i think... gotta double check)
top of the line 2 years ago-
front/rear/sub 4 volt pre-outs with channel volume control
5-preset custom EQ settings from 60-1600kHz
plays cdr's and all that good stuff
50x4 peak
sony 75x4 amp, 1 ohm stable
infinity kappa (green's) 6 1/2's in the froont doors- needs grille clips, but i have the grilles
blown sony 6 1/2's in the rear. sound like ass all close to your ears anyway, so i just unplugged them.
on the other 2 channels, bridged, i have a single 10" Fosgate punch power DVC sub in a small home-made sealed box.
I also have a 10-disc MP3/CD changer in the trunk. that;s enough music to drive for weeks and never hear the same song twice

Things i will not do:
- Ship the car
- Meet you half way

If you want it, you have to come to CT, give me cash, and i will hand you the title.

I'm asking 4500.
Money talks, bullshit walks. Don't waste my time if you don't have the money.

If you want the Tein HA's that I have on the car now, the price will be 5500.

I also have a 3" custom exhaust that i will throw in with the car for $300 bucks. its full stainless steel, includes a 3" magnaflow muffler. includes all hangars and hardware- but it is not assembeled at all, and will need to be welded together. No cat included, but designed to use one. I paid almost 400 for it, and it has just sat in a box since.

Reason for selling, I want a hatch. I found a hatch I want. I need money to buy this hatch.

I also have a del sol VTEC shift linkage. I will include it with the car for $100 if you want it. This peice is necessary for a b-series swap into this car. It is a rare part and well worth the $100 bucks.I will part it out after and ONLY after I sell the car without it.

Strut bars- skunk2 rear upper, USDM ITR front upper for $150 extra, else i take them for the hatch.



Wheels not included (sold already)

Small dent in the back left corner. right under the spolier meet point. if you look hard, you can see it in this pic.








remember, this cluster is not included... just posting to show an interior pic (i don't have like any)


send me a PM on here, leave a post, or whatever... and i'll get back to you.
if you need a reference, ask anyone on here.



Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 31 2003, 12:31 AM
It is a rare part and well worth the $100 bucks. I will part it out after and ONLY after I sell the car without it.

if you don't like my price, don't buy it. And besides, its not for sale until after the car goes if it doesn't go with the car in the first place.


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B. I swear your car is two diffrent colors, in the first few pics, it is the real bright blue, kinda like the electron blue then in the lower pics, it has the look of the old frost blue they had on the older hondas. Maybe it is the sun

Hope you sell it. Oh and b, go here and do this to your valve cover. I did not go as shinny as they did but it makes it look a little better. It is free and makes it look a little better (but it is still a d16z6 :sleep: )

bump for B.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 31 2003, 06:35 PM
that valve cover is gay.

It may be, but yours looks like something recovered from the Titanic.
I'd spend 10 minutes polishing it simply for the eye candy effect.


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Quit being cheap--put it in the paper, I sold the Civic in 4 days--4 days I sold an AUTO 4 door purple Civic! Cash, too!


I wouldnt give $5 for it. Ive heard how you drive. :blink:


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I will make you an offer at $3000 and you can take out all the stereo equipment. It is up to you if you want the money. I live in IL and i will fly out to get it. I need to know how many miles are on it. Send me an email at Dancomer18@hotmail.com and thank you for your time.


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Originally posted by Roro@Apr 1 2003, 10:46 AM
I wouldnt give $5 for it. Ive heard how you drive. :blink:

from what I heard, the way he drives would increase the cars value.
E SolSI said that Brian driven is easyer on the car then granny driven
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