FS: 94 Integra LS $2000 IA

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I recently rear ended someone, the damage is not terrible, but i've decided to purchase a newer car. The car has a clear title. I recently had it inspected by a local shop and they gave the car a clean bill of health. I will include a 10% off certificate for Maaco for the buyer.

The car is driveable, no mechanical parts were damaged in the accident, but I would recommend getting it shipped or trailered due to the hood and headlight.

The car has been meticulously maintained and looks nice aside from the front end damage. Its a great buy for anyone who is looking to get a JDM Front end, or if you have the time to repair it yourself.


Oil changed every 3,000 miles
Timing belt/water pump replaced 2k miles ago
New radiator installed this winter
New A/C condenser installed this summer
Spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter all replaced 500 miles ago
Transmission fluid changed last month
Tires in excellent shape
Suspension in excellent shape
Engine burns no oil, sounds great
New muffler and exhaust piping done last summer

General Info:

24 city/29 hwy Fuel mileage
Paint is in nice condition, does have a few minor door dings. Nothing out of the ordinary for an 11 year old car.
Clifford alarm system and keyless entry
Pioneer P9200R Cd player
Car is wired for an amp
Crystal coaxial components front speakers, JL Audio rear speakers. Sounds excellent
Interior is in very nice condition, no huge rips or anything

JDM Integra front end conversion:

This is a popular choice amongst many integra owners, it is a simple process that is described in detail here:



The collision happened where the front bumper and hood meet near the passenger headlight. The lower frame support was not touched, and the frame rails are straight, however the upper radiator support will need to be pulled out so it aligns with the hood. Main parts that need to be replaced:

Radiator core support
Upper radiator support
Front bumper cover
Passenger side headlight assembly
Front bumper stiffener
Passenger sidemarker
The driver side fender is fine, the passenger side isn't bad, just bent slightly. The radiator and ac condenser are not punctured, just pushed back a bit.

If anybody is interested or has any questions, or needs more pics, email me.












thx for the bump

97 front ends go for about 600 bucks with shipping. If youre clever with a welder and regular hand tools, you can get this thing back to normal in no time. Or just get the jdm front end...there are a ton of how-to's online of how to do it