MD FS AEM Hybrid Cold Air Intake Civic/Integra H22A F20B Swap

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Listed on ebay tonight. Would rather seller it through Honda Swap to a member that actually knows what to do with it. Does not include original box, dampener bolt and instructions. Everything else is intact and in great shape. $150 picked up. $170 shipped anywhere in the US.

If you want this do not PM me. You won't get a response for like a month. Call/text me at Three-Oh-One - 676-0489 or email me at keemosaki@gmail.

Copied and pasted from the eBay listing...

Thank you for viewing my Auction for an Authentic AEM Hybrid Cold Air Intake for 1992-1995 Honda Civic's with H22A, F20B, and H23A swaps. This intake is designed specifically for these vehicles with hybrid swaps for correct cold air intake placement and purest power gains from optimal piping and AEM's proven research in engine performance technology. This was the best intake on my 1994 Civic with an H22A. Made great power, added a great sound to the engine to give it a brute feel, and had little maintenance with the Oil Free new technology synthetic AEM Dryflow Filter. If you prefer the old fashion oil type that needs upkeep every 3 months or so, you can change out the filter only for a standard 3" conical filter (or a velocity stack for even more risky but serious performance).

Used in great condition. Minor surface blemishes on the cold air intake piping. Dry flow filter is in excellent shape and was cleaned regularly with AEM solution. All clamps, intake hose couplers, original AEM sticker with Carb Sticker, and breather hose with clamp is included. The mounting bolt with rubber dampener is not included. You can use a few washers, a regular 10mm bolt about 2 inches long, and any rubber stopper and make this dampener yourself. When I removed the intake while parting out the car, I forgot to remove the dampener. The hard part by AEM is already done: Researching and bending the piping to accurately match a Honda Civic with a hybrid H or F series engine swap. Let the engine sing!

**This Hybrid intake system should work for 1994-2001 Acura Integra's with an H22A, F20B, and H23A swaps. I cannot verify this information but I have heard from other owners of H22A Integras that this intake system does infact work flawlessly without modification.**

List Price: $334.56!!! Sells on eBay everywhere for around ~ $200 + Shipping. Bidding starts at $99 which is a steal. Shipping is $20 to the US. $25 to Canada. Pickup available in the Maryland.

AEM's instruction sheet for the intake:

Here is the facts from AEM's website:

21-5004C Product Specifications

Product Style: AEM Hybrid Intake System
Replacement Filter: 21-203DK
Street Legal In All US States: No
Clamp Style: Regular
Intake Pipe Color / Finish: Gunmetal Gray
Color: Gunmetal Gray
Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Product Box Length: 20.25 in (514 mm)
Product Box Width: 12.25 in (311 mm)
Product Box Height: 12.25 in (311 mm)