fs: any part of 1990 civic

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:D hey guys,
up for sale is a hell of alot of parts from my 1990 civic dx and misc parts....heres just some prices and parts

si head with 88,000 miles...perfect condition does not smoke or anything $30
distributor great condition $15
si ecu $15
92-95 civic intake manifold$20
1990 civic headlights with corners $40
si cluster with tachometer $15
center console $10
dpfi harness$20
jdm look taillights all red for 4dr $20
center taillight shaved reverse lights and trunk lock hole primed for paint $10
88-91 civic doors $40 each
88-91 shaved doors $50 each
88-91 hood $40
88-91 trunk deck $40
88-91 front seats $50 for both
92-96 civic seats $50 for both mint
88-91 rear seats $30
88-91 fenders $25 each
88-91 front bumper $30
88-91 dpfi harness $40
88-91 mint door panels...$20 each
88-91 glove box $20
88-91 steering wheel $20
94-00 acura integra steering wheel $30...with mint airbag $40
88-91 shifter console $20
88-91 sun visor $10 for both
88-91 rear bumber $40
dpfi intake manifold $40
88-91 fuze box panel cover(interior) $15
dpfi dizzy with cap n rotor $25

if you need anything else not listed or would like to buy something email me at tlucibello@aol.com thanx B)


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B) new update
si cluster: sold
clear corners: sold
red taillights for 4dr: sold
aem intake pipe and filter: sold

still lotsa parts tho :D


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Need 92 civic interior parts? Check album so you know what I"m talking about. Thanks