FS: B-series turbo kit complete

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Greddy TD05h-18g turbo kit. Comes with everthing needed includes the following.
1. 18g turbo
2. Manifold / heat shield
3. intercooler / charge piping / coupings
4. type s bov
5. RC 310 injectors w/ clips
6. Oil feed setup
7. Thermal wrapped downpipe
8. Greddy blue box w/ harness
9. Apexi turbo timer
10. Boost gauge / air fuel gauge/ oil presure gauge and sending unit.
11. 96-00 civic tripple pillar pod.
12. misc vacuum lines.

all of this was only used for 200 miles. everythign is in perfect working order.
$1150 plus shipping OBO. if you need vouches hit up calesta or anyone on civicland.


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i may get it are you willing to lower your price a little or trade some stuff like rims


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willing to accept any trades

what motor did this come off of

you have any pics

you take paypal

let me know ..


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Very good seller. Have done a couple transactions with smooth myself in the past few months. :thumbsup:


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Originally posted by Outlandish_Bandit@Jul 7 2005, 07:30 PM
what kind of whp are you lookin at with this setup on a b16a? and at what psi?
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Several hundred stunna. You getting it for me...biatch?


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how about $600 w/ these as a trade, where are you located?
i want your turbo kit i will take it for the price give me a few daysand its mine give me a call man please 540 303 2479 i live in va my area code is 22655 let me know shipping