FS: B series Turbo Kit, Drag, $1500 SHIPPED OBO!!


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Alright here is all the info again if I can remember it right.
drag turbo kit for b series with about 9-10K. This was only 97 Civic with b16, boosted at the standard 6psi, daily driven and never had a single problem. This turbo will handle up to 450HP and should be an easy bolt on 50HP at around 6-7psi.

t3/4 drag turbo, no shaft play .57 trim I believe spins freely, light port and polish.
b series manifold ( i believe it's a revhard manifold)
Deltagate Mark 2 external wastegate (out of box setting of 6psi)
BRAND NEW Johnnyracecar 25" X 8" X 3" front intercooler 2.25" in and out.
Vortech FMU
Greddy Type S BOV
all intercooler pipping and clamps
stainless steel oil lines and such
Greddy Turbo timer with Plug and Play harness

all you have to do is tap your oilpan...that is seriously it, I will get pictures up but imagestation is down temporarily, I wish I wouldn't of jumped the gone and deleted my old post but for those that have been checking back and offering hopefully you remember what it looked like.

$1500 shipped $1450 picked up.
$1300 shipped without intercooler
$1250 picked up without intercooler