OH Fs B16 del sol

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Needs a couple things, Runs/drives great!

It is a SI model so it has the Rear brakes etc, 166k on body and only 86k on b16a3 swap (from a vtec model del sol)

Comes with SUPEr lightwieght carbon fiber hood painted blk with scoop. Just had fresh black base and clear paint job (not wetsanded)

Body kit molded in, not the best body work but definatly not the worst! Oem front bumper with oem Si front lip ( oem bumper so you wont crack it etc) Comes with mini gsr blades with NEW tires! Thow some $120 1 piece blk headlights off ebay and your good to go

Throw some nice rims and lower the car and you have a very nice looking ride, ive seen stock 1.5 del sol's priced for more. Great car for the summer time with the removable top and rear power window.

Shoot me a cash offer of 3k+ and its yours


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number 1

lol um but it is...$120 headlights from ebay

Do me a favor and dont comment if your just going to be negative

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well 1.5 civic coupes with 190-200k are going for $2500 in my area

so mine is a si and a del sol and with summer coming up and the b16 swap i will end up selling it for $3k

so if you dont like it then why waste your time and post?

number 1

Futhermore...RULES> Let people sell their stuff. If you have a problem with the sellers price pm them, do not put your price is too high in the thread. Since its against forum rules there will warnings for thread jacking.


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yea... you're one to follow rules.. :rollseyes:.. you've been banned numerous times fibercation.. quit trying
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