FS: CF Hood pins, Hondata, DC Sports...

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I have some stuff for sale such as:

Brand new Stone Head Gasket for the b18c1 motor. Will fit any b18c1 block with a 81mm bore. Better than stock. Bought it for $80. Will let it go for $50. Brand new, still in wrapping.

Brand new NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Pins. Will fit any vehicle, and any kind of hood. Made from real carbon fiber. Will come along with keys to unlock and lock hood pins. Bought it for $35, will let it go for $20.

Brand new Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket. Bought it new from a guy on honda-tech. He said it was going to fit the b18c1 head, but it didn't. Will fit the b16 or the b18c5 head. Letting it go for $40.

DC Sports Front Upper Strut Bar (red). Bought it from JCWhitney about a year ago for $170 total with shipping. Only been used for 500 miles. Used on my 98 Honda Civic DX Hatchback. Still in great condition. Letting it go for $85.

Bronze 15x6.5 Konig Heliums. Looks like the volks ce28n, but less spokes. Will not come with center caps. Still in great condition. Rims have only been used for 500 miles. Letting it go for $400.
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that was a FREE BUMP, its called humor. dont worry about it. we are a lto "cooler" on hondaswap, than you may be used to on H-T
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Sorry, I just cut and paste this from my honda-tech thread. Didn't realized I did that.