FS: CT - 99 2.5RS Impreza

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Winter is over (hopefully), so it's time for the suby to move on to a new owner.

I bought this in November to serve as a winter driver so as to not take my M3 out in the snow.

The original for sale thread from where i bought it:
GI/FS MA: 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Coupe, 5sp, 115k, White - Private Car 'For Sale' Classifieds - NASIOC

I'm going to be 100% honest about the car, so take all the 'bad' with a grain of salt. I have nothing to hide, and am laying it all out on the table in this post.

When i bought the car, I had it inspected at the local Subaru dealership for anything that might need to be addressed as well as got an oil change done on it. Only return from that was "brakes will need to be replaced in about 3-4k miles". I've put about 3k on it, and the brakes still work fine, but know now that they will need to be replaced soon. Otherwise, the car has 0 mechanical issues according to Mitchel Subaru in Canton, CT.

Clean CT title in hand, no liens of any kind, has CT emissions until 8/2008.
car fax is clean (was run before i bought the car). Vin below if you want to run it anyway. (Car fax ran when i purchased the car is attached below in pdf form)

5-speed manual
white on black cloth
power windows and mirrors
manual locks
Engine: 2.5L, 4 Cylinder (Phase 2 - no head gasket issues)
VIN: JF1GM6759XG401383
power sunroof
OEM AM/FM cassette stereo + CD, Forester digital compass/thermometer/barometer dash pack

The car looks like it had some minor body work done to it on the drivers rear quarter panel. When you pop the trunk, you can see some bondo job or something (i'm no body man... couldn't tell you what it really is) in the crack/track between the trunk lip and the quarter panel. From the outside, you can't tell.
Car drives mint, so if it was in a crash, it was probably very minor (someone backed into it in a parking lot or something).

The trunk smells a little musty. There may be a minor leak somewhere. I don't know where or how much, as i've never looked. Nothing is soaked after a rain storm, so if there is a leak it is very minor and can most likely be ignored unless you're anal about things like that.

The wipers are annoying. When you use them when you are traveling, the wind tends to not make them go all the way to the bottom. sitting at a traffic light, the range is fine. Probably an easy fix, or don't bother, as the car is still 100% drivable like this... you lose about an inch of wiper range at the bottom.

car has both am/fm cd and tape, as well as weatherband radio.
i never used the tape player (who the hell still has cassettes???) but the CD player is VERY temperamental. It doesn't like burned CD's for some reason.
i believe the car has pioneer after market speakers.
it sounds so-so. a hair above stock i'd rate it. if you're an audiophile, you'll most likely replace all this stuff anyway.

Also has a compass (nav from 1999 :D ) on the top part of the radio cluster.

all heater controls work on all fan speeds. Never used the A/c due to only owning it for winter, but assume it works as I wasn't told otherwise.

Sunroof works, but it 'needs a hand'. you kinda have to pop it as you push the open button. might be a little off-track, or needs lubing or something. but, its fully operational with some help.

there's a squeak/whistle coming from the drivers side front at highway speeds. I have no idea what it is. It may be wind noise... I don't know.
Wheel bearing feels fine (with the hand rocking test) and its not a griding noise or cv noise for sure. You can only hear it when the window is down, and you're in the left lane driving next to a jersey barrier (as the sound gets reflected off it)

Previous owner's and my oil change entry at the end:

Prior to ownership at 50k+ miles – New MAF, Left rear wheel bearing, timing chain guide, waterpump
104,550 – Oil Change – Purolator Oil Filter and 10W-30 Max Life Oil (06.09.06)
104,700 – Spark Plugs (NGK), Stock 98 Intake, (06.10.06)
107,095 – Checked rear diff fluid. 100% level, clean and no debris on plug
107,632 – Right rear wheel bearing and bolt
New idler pulley for timing system
New timing belt
New timing cover
New timing cover gasket
(07.29.06) Gas Mileage = 27.8mpg
109,888 - Oil Change – PureOne Oil Filter and 10W-30 Max Life Oil (08.12.06)
113,450 - Oil Change – PureOne Oil Filter and 10W-30 Max Life Oil (10.08.06)
MTF change – Pennzoil Synchomesh (1qt.) + Valvoline 80W-90 (2.7qt)
115,050 – Replaced front Oxygen Sensor (OEM) (10.31.06)
116,050 – oil change 5w/30 (1-4-07) safety check (needs new front brakes/rotors in 3-5k miles or so they said)

Current mileage is just over 118k, so it will need to get an oil change on it shortly after purchase. I also don't buy the 27.8 MPG entry.... i don't get anywhere near that. Perhaps its just my driving style :D

Driver's side sideskirt is scuffed up and missing some paint on the top.

there's a minor (dime-sized) rust spot on the surface of the rear fender wells (surface rust, not eaten through).

oem 16" wheels have mix-matched summer tires. I believe 2 are falken 512s and 2 are Yokohama AS430's. ~50-60% treadlife on tires

looking back on the orig post, the seller claims
Falken Ziex ZE512 tires on front (90% life left), Yokohama AS430 on rear (75% life left)

I'd guess as stated above, tread life is lower than he claims as posted above. Maybe its more, i don't know. Either way, the tires have at least a good summer of driving on them, and you have a full winter set with only 3k miles on them for the winter:

16" tire-rack brand (Sport Edition) alloys (look nearly identical to the oem wheels) with Dunlop M3 winterforce snow tires. (~$950)
both sets are are 205/55/16

I also have some random parts that the previous owner gave me.

a rear sway from i think he said a wrx
a set of rotors from a wrx
a bra
and a rock shield plastic thingge.
Those will be included as well.

Previous owner's pictures (note, wheels, yellow fogs, and some other mods pictured are not on the car any more....)
rallyGC8/Car 13 - 1999 Subaru Impreza RS - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

interior is about 7/10. couple minor tears/holes in the seats, but nothing major or ungodly looking. carpet is a little dirty, but far from a mud pit. Has oem RS floor mats. I smoke, and the car has been smoked in. I always have my window open and don't 'clam bake' my cars. But if your an anal non-smoker, this might not be the car for you. I personally don't smell it, but then again, i'm a smoker... and you know what they say.

exterior is 5/10. The vast majority of the body is straight, clean, and dent free. But the rust spots, and the sideskirt issue IMO subtract from the overall score. Others most likely will rate it much higher than this, but i'd rather undercut it and have you say "thats not so bad" than to overrate it say "damn, this thing is so not an 8".

I've taken the car to 110mph and its pretty stable even at those high speeds. It does get tossed around easily in the wind though. Most small cars do this. (if you have a civic, you know what i'm talking about)

I paid $7500 for the car, as you can see in the original for sale post.
I added $950 worth of wheels/tires to the car.

Price: $7000 firm. don't waste my time lowballing. Firm does not mean best offer.

If i'm missing anything, feel free to ask. I know my pics are lame... i need to take new/better ones and will once it stops being 9 degrees out :)


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we'll see. i have two big trips coming up in the next 2 months...

maybe i could make some numbers work for us :)


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hrm....payments ehhh....:ph34r:

I got a decent dp and a steady payment plan also in mind....I'll aim ya tommorrow.;)


i've got 3 people interested from nasioc... send me your offer now before its too late.


the payment option is only available to people i know/am friends with, aka chris and clayton in this thread. As a general random purchase, i cannot remotely offer that, unless i hold both the car and title until you are fully paid off.


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the wife said no...she wants something from this century... :(


A Metric Shitton of pics :)

Of course, as I'm at the car wash it starts raining.... so i took the pics in the car wash booth.

Note, a lot of the pics appear to have stains or random blobs.... these are mostly reflections from the flash off the glass. my camera is a woot-off special :)

Also, the CEL is on in the pic of the cluster, as it was just Key on... the car was not on. the CEL is normally off as it should be when the car is running. Just wanted to show the mileage (which i actually quoted WAY too high in my original post.)

Click on the pics for a 1600x1200 hires version.



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but i cant :( im transitioning into a new position at work, no time for fun for a month and ill have no time to do anything but take my trip and sleep.

mcse certification > me.
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