FS: D15b8 Best offer takes it.

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Go fast, Go Cheap
I have my d15b8 with tranny and ecu for sale, it was pulled out of my 1995 civic cx
has about 138000 miles on it
i think one cylinder it not firing.
it burns oil
came stock with 70 hp, but a whooping 91 ft/lbs of torque.
i managed to squeeze out a 23 sec 1/4 mile time with it.
altogether it is worth around $300. i could deliver it within reason or for slightly more if it is a hike.
i will entertain any offers as i know i am trying to sell a turd.

before it was pulled from my car.


Senior Member
good luck, i'm just bolting a better head onto my B8 block as the 93 and up B8's came with B7 pistons which allow for the 16-valve heads. I'll just use the B8 head as decoration