FS: D16A6 + misc

robbie rob

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D16A6 + Tranny with quaife lsd - $250
PM6 ECU - $50
B16a bare intake mani - $40
B16a complete intake mani (injectors + tb) - $100
B20Z complete head (60K+) - $60

Please email me or aim me if you have questions. Let me know if you want pics or you can just drive by my house and look. I will not ship


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Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Jan 23 2005, 06:38 PM
ecu from an auto?
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Most likely not. PM6 is the 88-91 Si ECU. Si's never came in anything else. Except maybe the 90-91 Civic EX... I dunno, doubt it. What matters about the ECU is what year it came from. 88-89's are not Chippable... 90-91's are.