FS d16z6 head,port plished,milled etc ,intake man.

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Hey i have a bare d16z6 head (sohc vtec) that has been port,polished,acid dipped,milled and i also have the intake manifold that has been port matched. with throttle body that has all sensors hoses etc. Only thing on the head is the valves and a couple valve springs. ALSO i have the d16z6 Distributor with cap. I am asking 350 OBO for everything,. intake man has everything on it (fuel rale,FPR,injectors,etc etc.
Yes I am pretty sure the shop was in St. Johns called 2 Much racing. They gave me a tour yesterday actually and showed me their dyno and flow bench and all of the racing heads etc.
I dont have pics of anything becuase i dont have a digital camera, i am sorry, i will try to borrow my friend leah's but i dont know where she is at . lol
What kind of specs do you want to know?
By the way i have OBD0 and OBD1 Injectors that will come with it, So heres everything for 350
1. D16z6 (SOHC Vtec) head, bare (has valves,valve springs) It has been ported,polished,acid dipped,milled
2. Intake Manifold w/EVERYTHING on it. IT is PORT MATCHED to the head. (has fpr,fuel rail,injectors,etc)
3. D16Z6 Distributer w/cap (polished for looks, lol)
4. OBD0 and OBD1 Injectors
5. VTEC Sylenoid

I am sure there is more but who knows, its a good buy for 350
bump bump bump,thats the sound of the base as its bumpin in the truck
bump, bump bump
I am open to trades also!
yes i would love to trade for a vafc, how long of a wait are we talking about on the court case?
I.M. me on dumped civic si