FS: EG pillar pod, misc Dseries engine parts

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Zen Chameleon

New Member

I don't need any of this so my loss is your gain. everything OBO!!!
So lets get started---->>>

Glowshift 92-95 hatch dual gauge pillar pod= $40 shipped

LS rods = $35 shipped

2 sets of stock head bolts: left set is for D16Y7, right set is for D16Z6.
$10 shipped each set...need some mixed and matched for a mini-me? sure why not hit me up


EG drivers side engine mount= $15 shipped

Rear T bracket mount, D16 96-00= $30 shipped
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Zen Chameleon

New Member
3" Vstack= $25 shipped

D16y7 flywheel = $35 shipped

D-series Alt, tested good = $35 shipped

ECU bracket = $10 shipped

Stock D16Z6 springs and retainers = $30 shipped

These were cleaned up at Performance Porting when he did my head work. complete set. Sorry, my battery was dying on my camera but can get better pics on request.

Just for you Cali folk. D16Z6 exhaust mani with the stupid O2 sensor that I can't get off = $35 shipped

Zen Chameleon

New Member
hey zen, thats not a z6 manifold. it's off a y8. :)

Well I guess anything is possible, I picked it up at Pick N Pull, beside the disassembled Z6 where I got my head from. The Y8's had a much better tri-y looking design but I can't find any pics of the 96-98 only the 99-00. I'm gonna stick to my story for now unless you can bust out with some proof? :p

Finnish EK Racer

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the stock z6 exaust manifold has a 4-1 before the downpipe bolts to it. shoot me a text and i'll send you a pic of my 99-00 header.

Zen Chameleon

New Member
Lol, yeah it's for sure not a 99-00 Y8.
Oh and if I had your number then I can't find it now anyway. Maybe it's in a PM on DSO? I'm gonna have to upgrade my phone just to be able to keep up with all you Honda/Sol guys ;)