FS/FT 04 srt4

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hi my girl has a 04 eblue with a kinetic wga and 3in exhaust shes wanting to sell or someone trade a cheap reliable car and take over her payments the car has 78xxx miles on it and runs great and pulls strong she just wants something cheaper




a good on gas 4 cylinder she would like a 5 speed but will take a automatic i mean this car isnt bad its just payments and insurance and other thing that we have to pay around the house eclipses, civics, civic has to be EK and eclipse 00 and up if someone has one she will trade and they take over the rest of the payments shes actually losing out but o well thats life
her payments are only 250 a month and you can get it refinanced for the payoff which is 11,800 and get payments for about 200 or 175 a month according to the local finance company here
not sure depending on your refinancing caharges since you would be changing the owners she got a 72 month finance plan and shes had it a year so the difference of those two 60 months
You need to provide more infoz. What state?

What trim package? Exactly how much is this going to cost? How about some pictures that weren't taken in the dark?
well the car is located in SC its a 04 SRT4 and the only reason pics were in the dark is i was borrowing a friends camera that night and decided to take a few pics. Sorry about that and the payoff on the car is 11,800 the mods on the car are, 3 inch full exhuast, kinetic wga, mopar led tails (have stocks avaiable) an extra 6 disc in dash changer, Kicker livin loud speaker,Tein H tech lowering springs (ride amazingly well) and thats all i can think of. you can actually get the car refinanced and get the payments lowered to probably about 175-180 but youll have a longer time to pay off but i will have somemore pics of the car in the day time as a matter of fact i think i have a few on my photobucket

posted up with my old srt

pic above the side shot was the least recent you can tell by the oem tails that are in but i will include the mopars for free
Alright dude i was thinking about it for a while...but in theory it would be like me giving you 3-4k upfront in order to get the skittle and then i would have to pay about 12k in payments so i would roughly pay 15-16k for a car that would usually be sold for 9k. I have seen skittles go for 12k with 25k miles on them. If you have not already look what a dealership would give you for trade-in because dealerships sell them pretty fast.