FS/FT t3 turbo + Sunpro Tach

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Like the topic states i have a .42/.48 airesearch t3 turbo and an 8k sunpro 4" super tach II for sale.

The tach came on my civic when i bought it, not my thing but its in perfect shape. Redline is 8k and includes mounting screws and all the wires. Im asking $35/bo/trade



Next is an airesearch t3 from a saab 900. I picked this up before i bought my car because i was looking for a civic with a D to do a cheap turbo project. It spins freely with no chipped fins and the wg flapper is in good condition. It is missing one stud holding on the exhaust side to hold on the wg assembly but that can be easily replaced.
It definatly needs a new comressor housing seal/gasket and i was going to rebuild it but thats up to you.

I want $100 firm/or trade. I will also accept trades of things that im looking for down below.







You will pay actual shipping for both. They are both packaged and ready to ship. The tach weighs 1.3 pounds and the turbo weighs 22 pounds. My zip is 18092 if you want to calculate it.

Things i am willing to trade for are various items for turboing ex bov, wg etc... and i also want a .60/.63 T3 or a t3/t4. I can put out cash as well if the trade is worth it. I check here often so you can pm me or just reply here.
turbo sold, still have the tach

willing to trade for nitrous stuff or anything else u got lemme know