FS: full JDM SIR-II B16A swap plus goodies

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mr 93cx

Junior Member
I am selling a 2nd gen SIR-II B16A swap, 170bhp.
It includes a the engine, tranny, ecu(chipped P28 for DOHC), axles, DC sport 4-1 headers, stage 2 clutchmasters clutch and valve cover has been powdercoated baron red. Also shift linkages with a JDM knob and short shifter. Also I cut an Iceman intake to fit in and if you want it too its yours(look in the pic to see and I have made it into a shortram from that). This engine has been in my 93 hatch for about a year and put about 8000 miles on it. This everything to put the engine in an 92-95 civic. If you are interested and want to know anything let me know. Thanks for looking..John Neil Schuman

paypal or cash or mo
Live on the southside of Indianapolis, Indiana
here is a picture of the engine
if i had a little bit more money i would pick this up but i dont want to low ball you

But it looks very nice
no it does not include the exhuast and shipping would be $235..