FS - Godsmack Concert DVD's


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I have 2 of 3 released. If you are interested I'll sell em both for $50 shipped.

"Godsmack Live" Live concert Centrum Center in Worchester, Massachusetts. They perform: Awake, Sick of Life, Vampires, Bad Magick, Bad Religion, Mistakes, Greed, Trippin, Get Up, Get Out, Sprial, Keep Away, Voodoo, Whatever
"Godsmack Smack This" Home Video, includes them getting their new Tour Bus. Song performed: Whatever, Voodoo, KEep Away, Bad Religion, Time Bomb, Get Up, Get Out, Stress, Moon Baby, Immune and more. Then go backstage and see what goes on there.

I also have a Blind Skull Cap signed by all 4 members of 40 Below Summer, along with an auto graphed ticket stub from teh show anda guitar pick signed by Victor, teh guitarist (Duh). Sell all that for $150.


Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte - $8 shipped
Good Charlotte - The young and the hopeless - $8 shipped
Evanesence - Fallen - $8 Shipped

PC Games:

Streets Of Sim City - $10 shipped
Screamer 2 "Sheer Speed Road Racing" - $10 shipped
F22 Raptor - $10 shipped

Misc DVD's:
Fast and Furious DVD - $10 shipped
Changing Lanes DVD - $15 shipped

Let me know. Thanks


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