WA FS: Greddy E-01 Boost Controller

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Selling my Greddy profec e-01 boost controller. Comes with everything you need except the hoses since they were cut. Also comes with 2 brass T-fittings. Only thing missing is the stand for the screen,but I know you can get one from greddy for cheap or else I know some people that can find me the stand. Works in perfect condition. Nice add on if you have the greddy emanage blue(Don't know about the Ultimate) since you can monitor,change,and log data with the E-01. Reason for selling is that I'm going back to N/A. This was only used for about 3 months until my motor blew. Its a really great boost controller and has many many functions you can do. Thanks for looking

Information about the e-01
Links up to the e-Manage to control all of it's functions.
Boost, duty cycle and gain can all be adjusted at different RPM's, or use the full auto mode and just set the boost to whatever value you want.
Can datalog the following for up to 3 hours - Boost, AFM input, AFM output, throttle position, RPM, injector duty cycle, boost control solenoid duty cycle, any 2 digital signals (wideband O2, narrowband O2, etc), any 2 analog signals (speed, knock sensor, etc), and any GReddy P/H gauge!

The PRofec e-01 designed as a combination boost-controller, data display / logger and e-manage programmer. The e-01 can provide superior boost response, increased boost, warning meter functions, 3 channel data-logging and access to all the programming features provided with the latest e-manage support tool. Even when used as a boost controller only, the e-01 has features to smooth out the boost curve. With both an auto and manual setting for both external and actuator style wastegates, the new PRofec can alter its new compact, high capacity solenoid valve via various RPM ranges. The large LCD screen with green electro-luminescent backlighting is easy to see. Other standard features include two preset boost levels, a timed over-take boost and compatibility with our Remote Switching System. The data display can view 3 different data channels simultaneously such as boost, RPM or any other channel inputted by the e-manage. The data can be logged up for 3 hours on an SD card while also giving warning set points and peak and hold values.
$450shipped USPS Priority, Paypal fees included with price.OBO


bump. last price I will sell this is the price about. $320.85shipped. Thats shipped priority mail(2-3days shipping time) and including the paypal fees.