FS Greddy oil filter sandwich adapter plate

Hey guys,

I'm selling my brand new, never used Greddy oil filter sandwich adapter plate. I never got around to using it, all I did was take it out of the package and test fitted some fittings. For those of you guys that are looking to buy one of these you should know that it has 2 BSPT ports (not NPT) and it also has a larger M12 port. I believe Stan the fitting man (Flamenco-T on H-T) told me that you can still screw in a male 1/8 NPT into a female 1/8 BSPT port and not have any leaks. You can check with him or somebody else to be sure though.

Only asking $50 shipped

-two 1/8 BSPT ports
-two 1/8 BPST plugs
-one M12 port
-one M12 plug with o-ring
-two oil filter adapters (M20xp1.5 and 3/4-16UNF)
-two o rings

I bought this for my B18C, but it fits a whole lot of other cars. The p/n 12002801 Universal, for most Japanese cars, with M20 x P1.5 &3/4 x 16UNF 66 & 70. Instead of an NPT to AN fitting, you can check out Goodridge part number 741-03-03P or 741-03-04P. This is a male 1/8 BSP to male AN fitting. Other blocks would require you to use a male 1/8 NPT to AN fitting.

741-03-03P = male 1/8 BSP to male 3 AN
741-03-04P = male 1/8 BSP to male 4 AN

The adapters should cost $8-$10 each.

For a list of goodrige distributors

Anybody that is interested can contact me via IM or you can post on here. I accept paypal or you can mail me a money order.