fs: gsr head


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fs obd2 gsr head, will part it out, its in pieces right now so that'd be easier, or i sell it complete but still disassembled. Everythign has been hot tanked and cleaned up
-p72 head still has rocker assembly
-cams with gears still on them
-vtec solenoid
-valve springs for both sides (dual intake, single exhaust)
-all retainers, and keepers
-all valves
-intake manifold complete(injectors, fuel rail, secondaries
-throttle body with tps and map sensors
-obd2 dizzy

i have the obd2 plugs for the dizzy and injectors so you can wire them to an obd1 or obd0 car
i was tryin to sell for 750 shipped before i took it apart a cleaned it, i'll take 700obo shipped for everything listed or if i get enough offers i'll part it all out in big pieces


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Im not sure if your still selling it but I have a 95 civic and a 95 integra ls parts car. Im considering doing ls/vtec turbo and would most likely be able to come up with the money but I need to know what im getting myself into.

Would this be a good setup with b18 block what else would I need to buy

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yea it'd be good for an ls/vtec, its nice and clean, still apart so if you wanna do any port work to it, only thing you'd need is to put it together, which any shop will do for pretty cheap, i'd do it but i don't have any spair time right now, i'd rather work on my teg, everything is clean and ready to go i'll go for less depending on where you are located (shipping) or make an offer we can work sumthin out