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All of this stuff came off of my 1995 GSR. Just trying to get rid of it because all it is doing is taking up room in the shop.

OEM GSR Flywheel w/All Hardware... $25

OEM GSR A/C Compressor... $12

OEM GSR Upper Timing Belt Cover... $12

OEM GSR Flywheel Cover... Has a few blems $8


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any idea if the flywheel cover will fit on a B16A tranny? (same bolt patterns?)

edit: its a cable LS tranny now...any idea??

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brian11to1: yes, it's for a GSR

sk8er602: thanks for the bump... prices dropped even though they were low to begin with!!!!!!!!

LMA's sold...

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Originally posted by SpoonTuNed+Jul 10 2005, 09:36 PM-->
would you happen to have a gsr head?
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Sold it already.

@Jul 11 2005, 12:46 AM
would you let the IM go without the other stuff? if so name a price.
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I have someone interested in the whole thing over on honda-tech. i will let you know if the deal falls through.