Fs: Gt30r

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Bought this turbo for my last project which i ended up selling. The turbo only has 500 miles. No shaft play. Its internally gated, oil and liquid cooled and ball bearing. The exhaust housing is .86 and the intake elbow is .70. Its a Precision turbo with a Garrett exhaust housing. Its capable of 500+ hp ive heard. I need a quick sale so its OBO.

*I do not have the oil line, but do have the liquid lines.

You can reach me by a pm on here or at nathanlozier@yahoo.com


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sometimes i almost think street racing isnt a high enough income and i need a real job... but then i realize.... fuck that... im to lazy for that bullshit haha..... ill give you a kidney
lol i do this on ebay all the time... you wouldnt belive how much junk i have soo here it goes

ill give you 250 cash in hand where are you at in ohio. im from ohio as well
would you be willing to ship this bad boy? I'm in need of a turbo, but it would be a few weeks before I got the money.