Fs: Helms Manual For 1993 Acura Integra

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Helms took their sweet time getting me my service manual so by the fourth week after they claimed to have shipped it I called them. They were kind enough to ship me a second and a shipping label incase the first manual ever arrived (they also charged me for the second manual and have promised to refund that charge if I call them in a couple weeks and the manual is not here or if they recieve a manual back from me). So if anyone here wants to buy an unused Helms for a 93 Integra I'll sell it to them for $62 + shipping (this is what Helms will give back to me if I return the book).
One More Bump. I am going to send it back to Helms tomorrow unless someone wants it.
I will give you 45 bucks shipped thats my offer. ;)

But then again you can send it to Helms!! :unsure:

:worthy: ronald
Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. Why low ball this? Am I likely to take your BS offer if I can get more by just shipping it back?
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