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this was in a black hatch i had. Its a JDM ls I got from a local shop here in town. it had around 30k when i got it. I had a t3 turbo on it running 8lbs. It was mated with a GSR tranny. I sold the tranny, flywheel and injectors with the turbo setup. it has a diz on it and it is a obd1. I only put about 5k on it and it never threw a cell. oil changed every friday befor racing. the oil pan is tapped for a oil return for a turbo. there is no oil pressure sensor on the back. I gave it to the guy with the T for the turbo oil line. The motor is stock as far as i know. I think the ecu is as well. I can check it again. It looked stock to me. not sure of what ecu it is. I know its for the LS think its a p75 but dont quote me on that. Im trying to get rid of it to pay some bills. if my insurance money gets here befor i sell it. Im going to keep it, stroke it, juice it, put my b16 head on it, and put it in my rex. But if you want it hit me up. 9712180089. I have a few pics of it im my album. If you want more pics well too bad. 500 shipped is a damn good deal so dont try and low ball me!