Fs: Lots Of Parts Zex Sparco Aem Orion Autometer P

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FS: LOTS OF PARTS zex sparco aem orion autometer PRELUDE
Yep, Im sorry to say I have to sell my prelude, Im going to school and can no longer afford it. Following items are for sale, post your offers or email me at bizzonugga@aol.com. DONT LOW BALL. Will consider trades on some parts. Will trade s2000 parts.


1. ZEX DRY Kit for HONDA comes with everything you need to install. Ill even fill the bottle if your local, and ill help you install. It is 2 weeks old, so its practically brand new. 350 shipped

2. Zex purge kit 1 week old. 70.00 shipped

3. 2001 Prelude intake system complete system with filter hoses and air box as well as all tubing. BO

4. Axel back custom dual exhausts (sound is one of the best) will trade straight up for a stock exhaust from an sh + 100.00! i dont think base will fit. It is fitted for a black widow rear.


1. 15" HCCA Orion sub in a custom carpeted enclosure (fits perfectly in the lude, and leaves alot of extra room , like for nitrous bottle :lol: its about a year old, and is in great condition, it pumps out a clean loud 1200 watts. Compettion class d - 200

2. Profile 640sx amp. is a year old. Is good for mids and highs or to run a small but still loud as hell amount of power to the above sub - 50.00

3. Orion HCCA 275g4 amp. Needs a couple of new parts. It is in perfect shape otherwise. Will cost about 70 bucks to fix. It is a 1200 dollar amp. Pumps out 1200 watts and is a competitioon amp class d. - 200.00

Wires for the above stuff will possibly be included, just ask!


1. Black Widow front sides and rear painted electron blue pearl. Sides are in perfect shape. Back is perfect except for a small splinter type crack right by the wheel (cant notice). Front is cracked, but small amount of money to fix. Will trade for stock side skirts (painted ones) or wings west or something low profile. Also will trade for oem or wings west front or rear LIPS. Or pickup from my house for a cheap price.

2. Black Widow 1 Spoiler molded to trunk is in perfect shape painted electron blue pearl. Looks tight as hell on ludes (best mod i ever did). Shaved emblem but not keyhole. Will sell or trade straight up for a stock trunk painted electron blue pearl with spoiler. 300 for spoiler and trunk if sold.


1. (2)Sparco Torino Seats in grey with black leather patches. Are brand new, had them a month they are perfect. Comes with 4 point sparco harnesses in blue (look TIGHT) and with sliders and base adapter. Will accept partial trade of stock seats. 600+Stock Prelude seats or 1000 bucks plus shipping

2. Autometer Tach, black face with shiftlight, comes with all wires.
60 shipped

3. Fire extinguisher. It is a real mini red extinguisher not a fake apc or ractive crap. It looks tight, and is small. Comes with holder.
30 shipped

4. Sparco Carbon Fiber Racing Pedals brand new in box SOLD

5. Sparco Globe X in silver with carbon fiber top. Open box display item - brand new. 30 shipped


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no i have an sh, i said i dont think a base model one will fit my car. but remember it is from the axel back????