FS: MoTeC M400 ECU, Mil-Spec Harness, T1 trigger kit...

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FS: MoTeC M400 ecu, Mil-Spec harness, T1 Trigger kit, etc. Purchased from T1 a couple months ago. I will not part out anything unless the M400 and harness sell. Then I will sell the Trigger kit seperately. Possibly willing to sell the M400 ECU only. Options I purchased include:
- MoTeC M400 ecu
- 512k logging upgrade for M400 ecu
- UTC USB to CAN adapter cable
- Mil-Spec DR25 Harness wired for fuel pressure, oil pressure, exhaust backpressure, boost control, strain gage, fan, fuel pump, vtec, lambda and all normal fuel injection sensors. This is prewired for eight injectors. This includes all the top quality relays and aluminum mounting tray. This will fit 92-00 civic and 94-01 Integra. May fit others, but this is guaranteed.
- T1 Cam trigger kit with black/red cam gear for B-series.
- Map for 1600cc injectors, S372R, Pro1 cams, etc.
PRICE FOR ALL OF IT! = $5500 shipped via FedEx insured 2-3 day air.
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since i can afford, that must make me a man :lmao:

while i do think its a very nice standalone, just impractical for most applications. i wasnt making a stab at you though. the costs are the costs, it is what it is.

emanage / evotune works great for my camp though.