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Ok the deal is i just bought a 2005 Civic SI yesterday and I am giving up on my 1991 CRX project of a year.This car has never left my garage.So the parts are new with 0 miles on them.I am selling the performance parts and returning it to stock then I will be selling the CRX with a B18a1 swap.I may consider trades for a new nos wet kit,or 05 civic performance parts. Here is what I have right now.

NEW Tokico struts all 4 $235 shipped and your old struts.

NEW drop zone coilovers $105 shipped and your old springs

NEW Halo projector headlights $120 shipped --SOLD Samuels

NEW APC clear corner lights 90-91 style $20 shipped

NEW SONAR carbon fiber taillights $95 shipped --SOLD Samuels

NEW Drop Zone Camber kit all 4 $120 shipped

NEW OBX carbon fiber short ram intake $100 shipped

NEW Carbon fiber hood with washer lights $225 picked up and your old hood

After these items sell I will be selling the 91 CRX with a B18a1 swap from a 1993 integra with 58,000 miles,OBX exhaust,OBX racing cat,Avid racing shift linkage,Avid mounts,Focuz header,Invader body kit,new windshield,new front fenders,new core support,new radiator,new ebrake cables.Full 93 Integra suspension.
Can get pics of any part if needed.PM me!!

damn, I want the tokico's and that traction bar you got in your other thread but i'm dead broke.

BTW- The rear struts won't fit an 88 CRX...just incase you needed to tell someone.