TX FS: Original 1st gen CRX Service Manual, and Electrical Troublshooting Manual

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SOLD!!! FS: Original 1st gen CRX Service Manual, and Electrical Troublshooting Manual

For Sale: I've got the original U.S. 87 CRX/Si factory service manual, and the supplemental '86-87 electrical troubleshooting manual (199 pages). Though there is no indication of Helms being involved, and Honda USA is the credited publisher, they are both what we would call Helms manuals. They are simply the best manuals for this vehicle that you can possibly get. These are the very first edition with the old white covers. The stamp on the covers are from the dealership I got them from when I lived in Germany.

1987 Service Manual - Item #61SB204
86-87 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual - item #61SB203EL


They will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is to the lower 48, if you live in AK, HI, PR we can talk about shipping cost (shouldn't be too much more), anywhere outside the US, I will ship to, BUT you pick up all shipping/customs/taxes whatever.

Paypal, or US Postal money order. You can send a cash if you want, but I am not responsible for other people sticky fingers. A check is ok, BUT nothing will ship until the check has COMPLETELY cleared my bank, your bank and it is good.


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God I keep forgetting you changed your name and always wonder who "that newb" is lol. Cool og manuals.
Yea, they are cool, but I haven't had a Rex in many years, and a 1st gen in even longer. Figured it's time to let someone that actually needs them get a hold of the best manuals you can get :)