CA FS: Parting out race car. Suspension, tires, engine stuff, etc.

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Pictures can be found in my H-T for sale thread. I'll be adding more as time goes on.

Hello All,
I blew the motor in my Road Racing car and have decided to get out of it for a while. I'm located in the east bay and willing to ship on some items at the buyers expense. All prices are negotiable. The car was a 1994 Del Sol Vtec. I have pictures for most parts on the list and I'll provide more pictures as I tear apart more of the car.


JRZ RS for EG,DC2,EK with 900lb/800lb Hyperco springs and Tien top hats $3200.00
Wicked racing rear LCA/spherical SOLD
ASR subframe brace/ITR sway/Adj endlinks SOLD
Rear trailing arms w/PCI offset spherical bushing, new calipers, new rotors and Hawk black racing pads. With ebrake cables from a 94 Del Sol SOLD
Rear camber kit $40.00
Front skunk2 pro series camber kit (ball joint boots slight tear) $100.00
Front spherical LCA $60.00
CTR trans w/4.9 FD, KAAZ LSD, 92 GSR 5th (short) and carbon synchros SOLD
Knock off 4-1 header SOLD
Blox HSL cams $200.00
ITR valve springs and retainers SOLD
PR3 head (dirty, broken/stuck header stud) $150.00
B16A3 block w/160,000 miles, was running SOLD
Golden Eagle cam gears $50.00
Buddy Club cam gears $100.00
OBDII dist (recently rebuilt) $100.00
RC 440cc injectors SOLD
Walboro fuel pump 255lph SOLD
ITR intake manifold SOLD
Moroso oil pan (5qt, baffles) $150.00
P28 Hondata S200 SOLD
OBDII engine harness SOLD
MFactory oil cooler, remote filter SOLD
OE integra radiator $20.00
FAL slim fan with honda connector wired $40.00
Del Sol shift linkage $100.00
5 mm hub spacers SOLD
Rota 15x7 slipstreams black, with used Hankook C51’s SOLD
Koenig 15x6 Hoosier wet tires SOLD
ITR throttle body SOLD
ARP head studs B18C used SOLD
ARP head studs B16 used $40.00
Auto Meter Oil temp gauge (mech) $20.00
Auto Meter Oil press gauge (mech) $20.00
Auto Meter Water temp gauge (mech) $20.00
ITR valve cover $80.00
B series valve cover, painted blue with added breather ports and cut over gears $40.00
Axles, fairly new $50.00
GSR front calipers, fairly new SOLD
Front knuckles from Del Sol Vtec, new hubs, ARP extended studs SOLD
Centric front rotors for DC2 x 2, brand new $30.00
Hawk DTC pads for DC2, front x 2, brand new $100.00
Goodridge steel brake lines EG,DC2, only used for one weekend of racing, nearly brand new. SOLD
5 Gallon racing fuel jugs x2 $20.00
Motul Gear FF trans fluid 75w140 x2 $50.00
Battery cutoff switch $10.00
Motul RBF600 brake fluid x2 new $20.00
Home made 3” CAI with K&N filter $20.00
Type R trans brace SOLD
Stock B16A3 cams $50.00
OE Type R oil cooler $50.00
Longacre lap timer $10.00
Chatterbox radio with headset $30.00
IO port racing tow strap $20.00
Del Sol Vtec gauge cluster $50.00
AMB hardwire transponder SOLD
Corbeu racing seat SOLD
Sparco Evo seat (expired, 05/06 build date) $250.00
Spacro seat mount, side mount $20.00
Custom made side mount seat bracket, passenger fits del sol (not sure about others) $40.00
Gforce 6pt latch harness (06/06 build date) $20.00
Gforce 6pt camlock harness (06/06 build date) $40.00
NRG wheel and quick release $150.00
Convex mirror $20.00
Camera mount, roll bar $30.00
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Like I said on FB.. I'll likely pick up those slips in Aug when I'm up there... really depends on how bad SF rapes my wallet.. lol
what do you think shipping on the gas cans will be? Worth it to go to the east coast?
Please contact me in about the PR3 cylinder head & the Golden Eagle cam gears................
This is damn near 2 years old fam, car and all parts (except valve covers) are long gone.