FS: Parts

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Hey guys,
trying to get my turbo build on my h22 going, but first i have to get rid of some misc. parts and also my built f22b1 motor. please hit me up at snave24@netscape.net if interested for pics
175 plus shipping : garret t3/t4 turbo 53a/r 48 hot side/ 48 wheel (SOLD)
100 plus shipping: ss auto chrome h22 equal length turbo manifold (SOLD)
750 plus shipping: f22 sleeved darton block (includes crank, timing belt
assembly.water pump. oil pump, crank caps and endcaps)
250 plus shipping: f22 b1 factory rebuilt head (includes all sensors and obx
adjustable cam gear)
325 plus shipping: f22 arias 86mm pistons (9.4:1)
450 plus shipping: f22/h23 crower billet rods (SOLD)
60 plus shipping: f22 intake manifold (includes fuel rail, egr, all sensors)
45 plus shipping: f22 throttle body (all sensor included)
90 plus shipiing: f22b1 manual ecu
50 plus shipping: f22 dizzy(internal coil)
40 plus shipping: f22 stock injectors
75 plus shipping h22a4 stock injectors
10 plus shipping: f22b1 oil pan ( pre welded oil return)(GIVEN AWAY)
75 plus shipping: blitz blowoff valve (SOLD)
150 plus shipping: H22/H23/F22 ac compressor and lines (bracket included)
150 plus shipping: vafc (old version) (SOLD)
75 plus shipping: H22/f22 AEM Cold air intake

thanks guys!