FS: Rays/Volk Racing CE28n custom in black 16"

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I bought these not too long ago because i was told my 15's wouldn't clear my brake conversion.

Well, low and behold, my 15's clear. So, I really don't have a need for these anymore.

These are custom ordered in black-- not coated in any way. You can read the volk sticker on the back of the wheel that says this.

I paid 2250 shipped for them not too long ago, and All i've done with them is mount 1 up to look at it. i didin't even put lugs on it.

the previous owner, however did, but they are practically brand new.

I need to move these... trying to buy a house.

No reasonable offer refused. You see what I paid for them...

Local's preferred, but will ship at your expense (about $30 per wheel/tire east of the mississippi, about $40 each west of it) from central CT.

16x7 CE28n +42 offset
Custom black
215/45/16 Falken Azenis tires (90-95% left... practically brand new)

INCLUDES black Rays lug nuts-- new in the box.

Here's where i got them from, so you can see i'm not bullshitting on how much i paid for them

"These wheels have never rolled on a U.S. road." says Ben...
and i haven't rolled on them either.

wanna be the first?

lot's of pics on that thread as well... here's a couple from when i got them to my house.

tbone, esolsi, neonmike, and a few others have seen them in person and can vouch for the wheels.

here's a pic when i took it out of the box at my house:


i'll take any pic you request if those aren't good enough for you.

locals preferred... hell, i'll meet you half way within reason
shipping extra.

asking what i paid, 2100 + S/H

lugs no longer inclcuded. i ended up using them.

price drop.
$2000 + s/h

$1900 + s/h!!! need to sell!!!

now on ebay!



but then what would you put them on? lol wrong bolt pattern for the truck... and a little too "bling" for your girl's car. lol


Mad scientist
Yup. They're not going to go on anything that I own. Well, maybe a riding lawnmower after I get it. Those lightweight wheels will really make it handle well on the hills and off camber turns. Bump for B. :)


Mad scientist
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 24 2005, 05:39 PM
volks on a lawnmower.... only in texas

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Well, we do have lawnmower racing at the local drag strip. Gotta love East Texas. Git 'R Dun! :p :eek: :blink:


Blah blah blah....
LoL, 16inch Rota's but I highly doubt you want those... hope they go to a good home. If nobody buys them by the time I get money, I'll take them, but you better hope they go faster than that !

Edit: oh yeah, I have a complete (but used) skunk 2 valvetrain with dual valvesprings for a b16 head and ti retainers, a complete b16a head untouched, cleaned and magnafluxed; skunk 2 stg 2 cams, b16 oem oil coolers, a bare b18a block, 2 b16a blocks (complete minus pistons), what else... Let me know if you need/want any of this stuff. I don't need to part with any of it, just letting you know if you want to deal... :) If you ed up wanting the head, I also do porting and polishing. So far my only experience has been LS heads, and only one head, but it got approval from Robert Martin (Rocket), and will be flow benched this week to see what kind of improvements it made. I can modify the head if you end up wanting it, is all I'm saying.

Awesome wheels at a steal of a price. Someone buy these.