FS: Skunk2 Intake Manifold B18a/b CRV non-GSR

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D See 2

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I have for sale a Skunk2 Intake manifold. Used for a few hundred miles. Freshly beadblasted and degreased. So it's in brand new working condition. Comes with IACV, IAT Sensor, PCV Valve, New Rubber Injector Seals, Intake Manifold Gasket, and Throttle Body gasket. All you need to make this complete is a throttle body and a fuel rail with injectors. Great for boost or all motor applications. Large runners for optimal mid and high RPM air flow. Should fit all 90-01 non-GSR integras, so all B18a1 and B18b1 heads. Will also fit CRV heads.

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Price of $200 Includes:
-Cost of Shipping
-Online Tracking Link
-Packaging Materials
-Paypal Fee
-My Time


D See 2

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these used to go for 250+shipping new and that is BARE. This one has new rubber seals, good t.body gasket and good mani gasket, IACV, IAT, and PCV.

D See 2

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on a pretty much stock motor, probably not much at all. But with some power adder like a turbo or a set of cams, etc. , this will perform very nice especially in the higher rpm levels.