CA FS: Spoon Sports rear strut bar EG DC EK

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Supa Mod
like the title states, i have a Spoon Sports rear strut bar .. it had seen its better days so i repolished it by hand .. almost new condition now, has some scratches that were too deep to get out, luckily they're on the bottom side so you can't see them.. asking $150 shipped



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I'd pull if off your hands, but I already gots one, so another free bump for ya.
thanks... its pending locally already.. lol
well, my buddy if finally coming through .. so its basically sold.. he's giving me a deposit today so i'll hold it
DAMN!!! I send you $20 for a deposit...shit. I want it just don't need to be spending money right now.
well, the homie made the deposit and still hasnt come through to pick it up w/ the rest of the money so its back up for sale... CAFROG, you still want it?