FS: T3 turbo and oil feed and return Lines...

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this is a T3 60 trim turbo, i bought it from [ down2turbo ] on ebay for $425 shipped. the turbo was rebuilt by him [ down2turbo ], and has zero mile since the rebuilt because i never finish my custom turbo setup. i also have the downpipe flange for this that i bought from bmcracing.com that i will throw in free of charge if you buy the turbo. i am looking at getting at least $350-$380. <--- some people will say this is high price for a turbo but it has been rebuilt professionally and if you were to buy this brand new it would be DOUBLE the price i am asking.

the oil feed and return for any T3 or T4 turbo was purchased from stan@fast-turbo.com. the feed is a 3an stainless steel braided and so is the return. these are high quality feed and return and does not require clamps. bought it for $109. i am looking at getting around $80-$90 on oil feed and return.

if you want to you can purchase both of these item for a set price of $425 + $15 shipping so bascially $430 shipped.