FS: Turbo kit, motor, car ect ect:

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Well i'm done with this shit :angry: . I'm just going to sell it all and buy somthing stock so that being said look below and buy my shit!!!!

1. B- series Tdo5 18g greddy turbo kit: Comes with turbo, mani, down pipe, 310 injectors & clips , blue box, Front mount intercooler, type-s BOV, charge piping, boost gauge, apexi turbo timer, Firewall oil kit, oil presure gauge and A/F gauge. $1450

2. 99' B18b1 freshly rebuilt only 80 miles on the motor. all sensors are 100% nothing broken. includes ECU / AC / alt and everthing you need for it. (will come with extra oil pan gasket and other new misc gaskets / seals $700

3. 99' LS transmission, great shape no grinds all sensor are in good working order. $300

4. 96-00 civic tripple gauge piller pod. $40

5. Magnaflow high flow cat $75 (500 miles on it)

6. 96-00 civic Apexi world sport cat back $175 (1500 miles)

Fuck it Buy the whole fucking car (1996 civic LX 4dr) $5500 I'll leave everything in it, System included.


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i don't think it's anything major but if it's not one thing it's another.
Here's the problem, I'm getting a rotational noise up front, it's not the brakes before you sugest that. It increase with speed and you feel it the most when i'm under deceleration in gear. So i don't know if it's axle or the tranny or what.


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Originally posted by reckedracing@Jun 15 2005, 10:22 AM
i would go with wheel bearing or something in the trans...

your trans fluid up to level?
you running syncromesh?
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trans fluid was alittle low but i topped it off last night and the problem is still there this morning.

Syncromesh? What the hell is that? I run 5w 30 motor oil in my tranny.


syncromesh is straight 30 weight made by penzoil...

said to work miracles on honda tranny's


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 15 2005, 12:49 PM
Geniune honda MTF. go to the dealer and buy a couple bottles.
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whats the point, honda manual states "If MTF isn't availible use striaght 5w 30" I've never had problems using motor oil in the tranny. I mean yeah i could be but i highly doubt it. How know. When i get home i'm goign to rip everything from the tranny to the wheels off and see if i can figure it out. Maybe i'll jack the car up and put it on stands and put the car in gear and let is idle with the wheels spinning in the air and i can't find the source of the noise, but i don't think i'll be able to pin point it over the sound of the engine / intake / exhaust.